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Listener's Notes

Jazzy Lounge radio offers you the best mix of electronic music on the internet. Spend one hour with the show and you'll agree. You also get the opportunity to become interactive by voting on tracks you love, creating wishlists for future purchases or purchase a track you like as soon as you hear it. Have a request? Want to chat with the broadcaster? All of these options are available here.

Jazzy Lounge strives to give you, the listener, quality tracks not just from well known electronica community, but from the little known to the unknown. We search the internet, hoping to bump into a few strange new nodes that emit packets of galactic beauty. Let your ears digest unreleased tracks from house, electronica, hip-hop and more.

Hope you enjoy the selections chosen this week. Comments, criticisms, compliments are welcomed.

Review all the new additions- called New Adds- below, then tune in and use the share features for Jazzy Lounge radio so your friends will be as cool as you. Over 300 tracks waiting to tickle and tease your ears for a pleasurable music experience. Sixty-nine (69) new tracks were added to the playlist for the week of Sunday, August 10th.

Jazzy Lounge radio strongly supports putting new music in your ears so you can place it your mp3 player. So put those headphones on! Whether you're a DJ or a music collector and lover, many of the tracks you hear, can be heard first on Jazzy Lounge!

New Additions to the Jazzy Lounge Playlist
Sunday, August 10, 2014
Artist Track Album
Boozoo Bajou Your Weak Fire 4
Afternoons In Stereo Shadows 5
Afternoons In Stereo Blues for BL 5
Dub Mars How Should I Know Always And Everywhere
Dub Mars Always And Everywhere Always And Everywhere
Dub Mars Backward Recovery Always And Everywhere
Jens Buchert Jade Amberland – Time Beyond
Jens Buchert Plastic Heart Amberland – Time Beyond
Jens Buchert Crypton Amberland – Time Beyond
Jens Buchert Take Air Amberland – Time Beyond
Marvin Gaye T Plays It Cool AnotherLateNight
Kaum Beating feat. Tasha (Sami Wentz Remix) Beating
Vargo The Moment [Short Chorus Mix] Beauty
Vargo Silence [Orginal Mix] Beauty
Mental Abstrato & DJ Tahira Baião Brazil World Cup Fever
Sabrina Malheiros Connexão Brazil World Cup Fever
Worldwide Groove Corporation Moonlight Kisses Chillodesiac Lounge Instrumentals
Mark de Clive-Lowe Imam Church
Una Mas Trio Clear as Water (feat. Bajka (Hidden Jazz Quartett)) Copperdollar, the Back of Beyond (Compiled By DJ Marc Stylus
Lemon West Pier (Vocal Remix) Copperdollar, the Back of Beyond (Compiled By DJ Marc Stylus
Wara Pretty Cliche Copperdollar, the Back of Beyond (Compiled By DJ Marc Stylus
L.E.D. Central Funk Park Damn Hot Nu-Jazz
Club des Belugas Hot Vibes (Special Bar Tunes Edit) Damn Hot Nu-Jazz
Da Capo Ft Lil Soul Let Love Grow Deep Eminent
Jonallo Do You Swear (Original Mix) Do You Swear
Max Porcelli EsoDeep (Down Tempo Piano Mix) EsoDeep
Bill Laurance Smokers Castle Flint
The Fugees Fu-gee-la (Maverick & Poldoore Remix) Fu-gee-la (Maverick & Poldoore Remix)
Today's Mathematics Butterfly FW is 10: Celebrating 10 Years of First Word Records
DelaDap Cash & Chaos Global Hits Vol. 2
Lindiwe Suttle 1000 Miles Global Hits Vol. 2
Antun Opic Juanita Guerolita (Album Version) Global Hits Vol. 2
Chris Reinhardt Serenity Inside Identity
Chris Reinhardt Drift Inside Identity
Gnu Quartet Carta o Contanti? Jazz Al Dente
Paolo Fedreghini Mouvin'on Jazz Al Dente
Hornbostel & Donner Rain On Me Baby Jazz Funk Grooves
Don Gorda Project Take A Rest Jazz Funk Grooves
Guy Monk Strength Jazz Love Spirit 4 (unmixed edition)
Kevin Yost High Life Jazz Love Spirit 4 (unmixed edition)
Kevin Yost It's Gotta Swing Jazz Love Spirit 4 (unmixed edition)
Mazelo Nostra Funky Blues Bar Midnight Grooves (Finest Retro Funk & Nu Jazz Lounge)
Mazelo Nostra Midnight in Ibiza Midnight Grooves (Finest Retro Funk & Nu Jazz Lounge)
Mazelo Nostra San Francisco Retro Bar Midnight Grooves (Finest Retro Funk & Nu Jazz Lounge)
Metropolitan Jazz Affair Corovon MJA
Metropolitan Jazz Affair Don't Try This At Home MJA
Zara McFarlane Move (Atjazz Remix) Move
Babert Gil Memories (Original Mix) MZL100
Lost Midas Off The Course Off The Course
Lost Midas Sunset Strut Off The Course
Lost Midas Love Undone [feat. Taylor O'Donnell] Off The Course
Van Familiar Person Road (Modern Jazz Lounge Music)
Ficture Wiseard Roads To Everywhere
Ficture I Let It (Instrumental Version) Roads To Everywhere
Bon Ft Lousie Spiteri Stay (Original Vocal Mix) Stay
Worldwide Groove Corporation Summertime Instrumental Summertime - single
Worldwide Groove Corporation Summertime Summertime - single
Mo' Horizons Green Day Sunshine Today
PNFA She Found Moments Sylmar
Darque Difference (feat. Kaylow) (Original Mix) The Bria Project Presents Naomi's Kiss
Marcelo Cruz Innersoul (Kai Alce's Late Night Marcelo Reinterpretation) The Bria Project Presents Naomi's Kiss
Monodeluxe Sixteen The Bria Project Presents Naomi's Kiss
Marvin K Sweet Words Of Soul (Original Mix) The Bria Project Presents Naomi's Kiss
Club des Belugas Gadda Rio Welcome to Brazil
Club des Belugas Welcome to Brazil (Samba Soccer Mix) Welcome to Brazil
Worldwide Groove Corporation When I Fall In Love (Featuring Ingrid Dumosch) When I Fall in Love - Single
Living Room Silkroad Widescreen
Living Room Green Lightning Widescreen
Living Room Profiler Widescreen


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Thursday, August 21, 2014 DJ Jazzy L will be broadcasting live on WNUR 89.3FM from [new time] 7:30am CDT until 10:00am (King Rip's Caffeine Swing). Wake up with a special blend of swingin', traditional, contemporary and modern jazz.
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