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Jazzy Lounge radio has over 1,500 tracks in rotation. If you listened 24 hours per day, it would take you 4 days to hear every track!
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Starting August 1, 2016

Jazzy Lounge is presenting a different show every day of the week. The type of show for each day is described below. Genres covered in most shows: electronica, downtempo, chillout, lounge, nu jazz, dub, nu disco, nu soul, hip hop, trip hop, electronic funk. Links to listen are provided below. Additional information can be found at With over 1,400 tracks in rotation, you are bound to hear a bound to hear new music to add to your library.

  • Monday- covers the complete sprectrum of a lounge/Ibiza atmosphere. You'll hear tracks from 1990 through present day with a complete mix of genres and grooves.
  • Tuesday- totally laid back atmosphere. No fast tracks. Totally chilled.
  • Wednesday- Mellow, downtempo, lounge grooves for head nodders.
  • Thursday- Mid tempo tracks with a dose of lounge and nu jazz.
  • Friday- Party time! The weekend is upon us and it's time to dance. Electronic funk, nu jazz, nu disco.
  • Saturday- New releases. All day. Tracks released in 2014-2016.
  • Sunday- The classics. Period. Playing only tracks released before 2006.
Please note: each day is scheduled 5:00am-5:00am Chicago, IL time. CDT. UTC-5.
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Wednesday- Mellow, downtempo, lounge grooves for head nodders.

A few of the artists represented in Wednesday's (Sept 28) playlist:
Wara, Noiseshaper, Freddie Washington, Four80East, Lemongrass, Raul Ramirez, Aandra, Jens Buchert, Castlebed, The Procussions, Mo'jardo, Katrah-Quey, Guardner, Mike DiLorenzo, Papik, Voice of Fractals, Billa Qause & Krus, Gypsy Cab (feat. Carmen Estevez), DJ sleeptalker, Afternoons In Stereo, The Jazz Jousters, Mister T., Imagined Herbal Flows, The Pharcyde, Aceyalone, Kemo, Max Porcelli, Toco, Marc Hartman, Charlie North, Roberto Bronco, il santo, Shakes + Seven, Shawn Lee, Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Afefe Iku, Vitali and his Lounge Orchestra, Stephanie Sante, Krystian Shek Surya, Monodeluxe, Naoki Kenji, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Mortal, Sirricular, Kevin Yost, Maleka', Euphoria, Boris Blenn, Climatic, Innereyefull, Guts, Sound Providers, Lazy Hammock, Sofa Climax, Jon Kennedy

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