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Listener's Notes

Review all the new additions- called New Adds- below, then tune in and use the share features for Jazzy Lounge radio so your friends will be as cool as you. Over 300 tracks waiting to tickle and tease your ears for a pleasurable music experience. Forty-two (42) new tracks were added to the playlist for the week of Sunday, October 19th.

For the week of October 19, 2014, we "housed-it-up". We received a number of house tracks as promos and, after reviewing them, felt it would be a good balance from the large amount of chill, downtempo and lounge we've added over the paste month. But that's not all, we also included a couple of jazzy hip-hop tracks by artists like the Jazz Liberatorz and Jazz Addixx. Two tracks from Citizen Sound represents our reggae add. And finally, we had heard a group called Beat Pharmacy on a compilation from our library and finally decided to listen to other tracks they released. After a totally enjoyable listen, we added three tracks to the playlist with many more marked for future airplay.

Jazzy Lounge radio offers you the best mix of electronic music on the internet. Spend one hour with the show and you'll agree. You also get the opportunity to become interactive by voting on tracks you love, creating wishlists for future purchases or purchase a track you like as soon as you hear it. Have a request? Want to chat with the broadcaster? All of these options are available here.

Jazzy Lounge strives to give you, the listener, quality tracks not just from well known electronica community, but from the little known to the unknown. We search the internet, hoping to bump into a few strange new nodes that emit packets of galactic beauty. Let your ears digest unreleased tracks from house, electronica, hip-hop and more.

Hope you enjoy the selections chosen this week. Comments, criticisms, compliments are welcomed.

Jazzy Lounge radio strongly supports putting new music in your ears so you can place it your mp3 player. So put those headphones on! Whether you're a DJ or a music collector and lover, many of the tracks you hear, can be heard first on Jazzy Lounge!

New Additions to the Jazzy Lounge Playlist
Sunday, October 19, 2014
Artist Track Album
Alex Barclay 4 AM (chillout mix) 4 AM
Afternoons In Stereo The Great Aerial Ocean A Jazz Odyssey
DJ Mitsu The Beats Change Beat Installments
Leaking Shell Brown Smoke Bilanez Music: Archive, Vol. 3
Teddy Bear Ghost Bright Lights Bright Lights
Rejazz Brightness Of These Days (Alan De Laniere Remix) Brightness Of These Days (Alan De Laniere Remix) - single
Dee Brown Natural Love Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love
Euphonic Traveller Pacific Grove Chillin CA1
Jazz Liberatorz, Asheru I Am Hip Hop Clin d'oeil
Beat Pharmacy Club Dread (feat. Mikey Dread) (Album Mix) Constant Pressure
Lemongrass feat. Jane Maximova Deep River (Ficture Remix) Deep River (Remixed)
Lemongrass feat. Jane Maximova Deep River (Mirage Of Deep Remix) Deep River (Remixed)
Club des Belugas The Lady Was to Blame (Feat. Lene Riebau) Fishing for Zebras
Club des Belugas The Secret (Club des Belugas Remix) Fishing for Zebras
Jazz Liberatorz What's real (feat. Emanon) Fruit of the Past
Changu Jack Good Morning Sunshine (Original Mix) Good Morning Sunshine
Reika I've Got To I've Got To - single
James Benedict It's On My Mind It's On My Mind
Shawn Ward Uptown Jazz Jazz Vibes EP12
Louise Golbey Something's Got to Give Lots To Give (EP)
Louise Golbey The Pressure's On Lots To Give (EP)
Louise Golbey See How Far Our Love Can Go Lots To Give (EP)
Christophe Goze Mourir D'aimer Love
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra Soul Star Mambossa
Andy Compton Saint Ouen Moments From My Mind E.P
The Excelsiors Mrs Magic (Mr Bird's Soul Vibration Instrumental) Mrs Magic
The Excelsiors Mrs Magic (Bara Broest Remix) Mrs Magic
Citizen Sound Love Someone feat. Ammoye, Lotek & Deemas J Myrtle Forest Sessions
Citizen Sound Sunshine Lady feat Treson Myrtle Forest Sessions
Luka Next To You Feat Sio Blackwidow Mark Hand Treatment Next To You
Jazz Addixx Say Jazzy Oxygen
Bob Holroyd Light Water (A dimmSummer Remix) Starseekers (Nocturnal Elegance, Compiled By DJ Nartak)
Germind Time Consciousness Starseekers (Nocturnal Elegance, Compiled By DJ Nartak)
Mashti & Jean Von Baden Supernova Starseekers (Nocturnal Elegance, Compiled By DJ Nartak)
Rishi K. Psychedeletry Tranceform EP
Rishi K. Tranceform Tranceform EP
Rishi K. Heart Of Night Tranceform EP
Captain Planet Un Poquito Mas Un Poquito Mas
Karen Gibson Roc Fly Light unreleased
Anthony Nicholson & Jaidene Veda When ft Ursula Rucker When (Remix EP)
Beat Pharmacy Rooftops Wikkid Times
Beat Pharmacy Piece of Mind (Dub) Wikkid Times (Versions)


DJ Jazzy L is now broadcasting live on WNUR-FM 89.3 in Chicago!
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King Rip's Caffeine Swing
Thursday, October 23, 2014 DJ Jazzy L will be broadcasting live on WNUR 89.3FM from [new time] 7:30am CDT until 10:00am (King Rip's Caffeine Swing). Wake up with a special blend of swingin', traditional, contemporary and modern jazz. Special guest interview with rising Chicago vocalist Sarah Marie Young.
DJ Jazzy L's Groove Zone

DJ Jazzy L, along with co-host Real V, will be broadcasting live on WNUR 89.3FM Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 2:00am CDT start time until 5:00am. Special show with DJ Jazzy L and Real V focusing on independent and jazzy hip-hop.

Streaming live at WNUR or TuneIn

Listen to a special blend of electronic music- downtempo, chillout, instrumental hip-hop, soulful house, nu jazz and more!

DJ Jazzy L's Groove Zone replaces King Rip's Approachable Jazz Hour which is on hiatus! Tune in to hear the new format!

Are you a musician, record label, producer or band and you create music in the following genres: Nu Jazz, Lounge, Downtempo, House, Chillout, World, Acid Jazz, Smooth Jazz or Electronica? Then click over to my submission page and send me your music for review. (read more)
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