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April 11, 2005March 28, 2005
Artist Song Album
Playlist for the Week of April 4, 2005
Chris Botti Adagio from Concerto in E for Violin A Different Mozart: A Contemporary Collection
Bob Holroyd Dark WatersA Different Space
Sting Fragile ...All This Time
Delerium Silence Angel Beach CD3
Mr. Scruff Get a Move On Another Late Night
Karmix Sabhyata Asian Groove
Autopilot Tuned In Autopilot
Hierophant Easy Glider Backroom Beats
Ott Joyful Wonderful Backroom Beats 2
Erykah Badu Drama Baduizm
Erykah Badu Rimshot (Outro) Baduizm
Angelique Kidjo Iwoya (Duet with Dave Matthews) Black Ivory Soul
Angelique Kidjo Tumba Black Ivory Soul
Bliss Sleep Will Come Café Del Mar Dreams 3
Hibiki Connection Cha-Ka-Too (Sunset Mix) Café Del Mar Dreams 3
Pitch Black Speech (White Amplitude Mix) Café Electronica
Boom Bip Third Stream (Four Tet Remix) Corymb
Ballistic Brothers Cubafro Con Amigos Costes - France et Choiseul
Flying Pop's Love the DJ Costes - France et Choiseul
60 Channels Counter Evolution Covert Movements
4hero Conceptions Creating Patterns
John Stanford Far Centaurus Deep Space
Tosca Every Day & Every Night Dehli9
Gabin La Maison Downtempo Grooves
Ralph Myerz Think Twice Downtempo Grooves
Afrit Quanto Tengo Que Esperar Elemental Chill - Volume 1: Fire
DRM Hibernation Elemental Chill - Volume 1: Fire
Desmond Williams Cadence Elemental Chill - Volume 2: Earth
Makis Ablianitis Sky Colors (Blend Mix) Elemental Chill - Volume 3: Air
Bella Sonus Breaking Through, Pt. 2 Enamoured
Bella Sonus Gypsy Enamoured
Mocean Worker Chick A Boom Boom Enter the Mowo!
Mocean Worker Right Now Enter the Mowo!
Black Star Liner Inverse Far Away in Time 2
Razoof Montego Bay (TVS Remix) Four A.D.
James Bong Mr. Kiss Kiss Bong Bong (Big Brothers Dubbing You) Frosty
Jaziac Sunflowers Eyes of Love Frosty
B-Flow @ Night There's Not Nationalities Futura: Electronica Downtempo Vol. 1
Groovetronica Paradise Groovetronica (2004 radio ep)
dZihan & Kamien Ay Ay Ay Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions The Second Chapter
Bang Bang Bye Bye Blues Hi:Fidelity Lounge Volume One: Subterranean Soundtracks
Marschmellows Soulpower (Jazzanova Rework) Hi:Fidelity Lounge Volume One: Subterranean Soundtracks
Organic Grooves Funky, Not Stinky Hi:Fidelity Lounge Volume Four: Res Ipsa Loquitur
Greg Adams Burma Road Hidden Agenda
Greg Adams Mahdi, The Expected One Hidden Agenda
Solid Doctor A Moving Family of Suns How About Some Ether Collected Works 93-95 (2 of 2)
Ohn Talking With Shadows In the End, All Things Begin
Camiel Eighty-Eight Jazz Lounge (1 of 2)
Soul Bossa Trio featuring Courtney Pine Sky (Blue Remix) Jazz Lounge (2 of 2)
Solamingus Acidity Jazzadelic
Solamingus Vibey Jazzadelic
Rinocerose Machine Pour Les Orielles Karma Lounge 2 :The Global Listening Experience CD2
Gotan Project Chunga's Revenge La Revancha del Tango
Waiwan Away From Normality feat. Jenna G Layabout V.2
Lazybatusu Endless Road Lazybatusu
Lazybatusu Novogiorno (Bosley Mix) Lazybatusu
Ohm Guru King of Clue Liquid Lounge
Sounds From the Ground Poems Luminal
Royksopp So Easy Melody A.M.
Radium88 Repeat Until True (1) Metamorphosis
Mr. Electric Triangle Bosha Nova Mushroom Jazz
The Sushi Club Neo Tokyo Neo Sashimi
Junkyard Ease New Sound Theory Volume 3
Mudfish Iron Lion New Sound Theory Volume 3
Spearchukka! Exposure Means Addiction Nice & Nasty
JOL Cool Cat Nordic Exposure
Nu Spirit Helsinki feat Mercury Trying (Butti Nu-Niveau Remix) Nordic Exposure
Zero7 feat. Sia Distractions NovaTunes03
Jazzanova Bohemian Sunset OM Lounge 1
Thievery Corporation Right Angles Remix OM Lounge 1
Gabriel Rene with Nicole Weisberg Don't You Cry Om Lounge 2
John Howard Spacewalk Om Lounge 3
Soulstice Wind (J Boogie Mix) Om Lounge 5
Diffusion Second Future Om Lounge 6
dZihan & Kamien 2 Minutes Om Lounge 6
Kaskade Maybe Om Lounge 9
The Rebirth This Journey In Om Lounge 9
Templeroy Dubometer One A.D.
Praful Teardrop Butterfly One Day Deep
Ishq Skyblue Orchid
Sade The Sweetest Taboo Promise
ZerO One Inner Space protOtype2
ZerO One Think protOtype2
Underworld Twist Pure Chill Out 02
Damien Marley Still Searching Red Star Sounds, Vol. 1: Soul Searching
Glenn Lewis Don't You Forget It Red Star Sounds, Vol. 1: Soul Searching
SWV Can We feat. Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott Release Some Tension
Adani & Wolf Daylight Rendezvous Lounge
Alkemx Time to LoungeRendezvous Lounge
Hydraulic Guidance 66 Remix Sky Dancing - Nada Masa Vol 1
Chris Coco All of My Beautiful FriendsSolar Spectrums 2 (CD Mix One)
Lemon Jelly Come Solar Spectrums 2 (CD Mix Two)
Guardner Low Summer Frequencies Somedays In My Life
Adham Shaikh Pronoia Sunset Magnetic North
Sweetback Softly Softly Sweetback
Shpongle Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness Tales of the Inexpressible
kmotiv Five After One The Abstraction Agenda
Rockers Hi-Fi Going Under - K&D Session The K&D Sessions (CD1)
Jazzyfatnastees How Sad The Once and Future
Capercaille Inexile The Putumayo World Music 10th Anniversary Collection Volume 1
Jasmon Dimdanana The Putumayo World Music 10th Anniversary Collection Volume 2
Rockers Hi-Fi Transmission Central Thievery Corporation.DJ-Kicks
Snooze Quiet Alone Torch: A Six Degrees Collection of Modern Torch Songs
Alacran Refleco de Luna Ultimate Lounge (2 of 2)
Indian Ropeman Dog In the Piano Ultimate Lounge (2 of 2)
Lemongrass Je Sais Ultimate Lounge (2 of 2)
Ivy Undertow Ultra.Chilled 02_1
Sasha Baja Ultra.Chilled 02_2
Timo Maas Hash Driven Ultra.Chilled 02_2
Emotive Blue Taste of Temptation unreleased - A Jazzy Lounge Exclusive
Magic Sound Factory Photonic Phonic Uplift Drift
Nacho Sotomayor I Can Feel Your Heart (2004 Remix) Urban Woman .01
The Other Room Now We Are Free (Gladiator) Urban Woman .01
The Herbaliser Shattered Soul Very Mercenary
Potlatch Vacuum Conversation Voodoo Roux
deep-dive-corp. Relaxer Voodoo Roux Deux
X.I.S. Sun Walker (moon runner mix) Voodoo Roux Deux
Ooze Quintessence Where the Fields Never End
Praful Sigh (Adani & Wolf Remix) White Martini
Ursula 1000 Riviera Rendezvous White Martini
Four 80 East Eastside Wnua 95.5 - Smooth Jazz Sampler 17 (Disc 2)
Isaac Hayes Theme from 'Shaft' Wnua 95.5 - Smooth Jazz Sampler 17 (Disc 2)
Torcuato Mariano Ocean Way Wnua 95.5 - Smooth Jazz Sampler 17 (Disc 2)
April 11, 2005March 28, 2005

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