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October 23, 2006 October 9, 2006
Artist Song Album
Playlist for the Week of October 16, 2006
Comitatus El Can/Lust (Instrumental) (no album)
David Mensah Food of Love (no album)
David Mensah God Bless the Child (no album)
David Mensah Only (no album)
DJ Kwak Trop Vieux Pour Le Rap (no album)
Muscovado (featuring Polina & Br. Cleve) Running from Me (no album)
Doctor Groove You Are (unreleased)
Mitote Band Aysuda (unreleased)
PhatPat Forever Lost (unreleased)
Makossa & Megablast Kunuaka feat Subrinah 12"
Mooch Sounds Good 7" single
Rozario Middle East and West Africa Roota (EP)
Plus49 Symbols And Gateways All the Beautiful Things
Max Melvin Seaside Aural Float presents Space Night Vol. VIII (1)
Pineapple Corner Easy Fly Aural Float presents Space Night Vol. VIII (1)
Sven Van Hees Too Many Cpt. Beefhearts Aural Float presents Space Night Vol. VIII (1)
Planet Lounge Ocean Drive Aural Float presents Space Night Vol. VIII (2)
Gaudi Meena Bass, Sweat & Tears
Angelique Kidjo Iwoya (Duet with Dave Matthews) Black Ivory Soul
Blue Stone Holy Ground Breathe
Blue Stone Only One Breathe
Solar House Got 2 B U Cafe Del Mar Chillhouse V.2 Disc 1
Mettle Music Tranquility Cafe Del Mar Chillhouse V.2 Disc 2
Natural Calamity And That's Saying A Lot Cafe Del Mar Chillhouse V.2 Disc 2
Lovers Lane Island Memories (Original Mix) Café Del Mar - Volumen Nueve
Mr Untel Blue Point Café Electronica
Ill Padre Chivas Break Certified Latin Breaks, Vol. 1
Ill Padre Dimelo Certified Latin Breaks, Vol. 1
Morris Capri Isle Of Capri Chill Out Lounge Vol. 1
J-Radical Feel Me Chill Pill Vol. 1
The Tao Of Groove Superspectral Chill Pill Vol. 1
J-Radical Beachwood Chill Pill Vol. 2
R.O.U.D.O.S. Know Some Things Chillicious
Ticon On The Rocks Chillosophy Number Two
Baffa feat. Paganni Luna de Rio Costes - France et Choiseul
Ballistic Brothers Cubafro Con Amigos Costes - France et Choiseul
Fantastic Plastic Machine First Class 77 Costes - France et Choiseul
Chris Coco Only Love Decadance Chillout Forever CD1
Schiller Ruhe Decadance Chillout Forever CD1
Vicelounge Agua Negro (tension) Dirty Thirty
Vicelounge Pillows Hard Dirty Thirty
The Discodelic Orchestra Discodelicious (Demo Version) Disconcerto Grosso
Gaudi vs. Tripswitch Subdown Dissolving Clouds
Glen Porter Image of You Domestic Blend, Vol. 1
Milford Reynolds Building 453 Domestic Blend, Vol. 1
Take Dirty Little Jazz Ditty Domestic Blend, Vol. 1
Cooly's Hot Box After Life Don't Be Afraid - Get On
Boozoo Bajou Moanin feat. Wayne Martin Dust My Broom
Geb.elLove From the Sun Elemental Chill - Volume 1: Fire
La Taverne du Lac Magic Single Barrel (Mo' Horizons Restyle) Elemental Chill - Volume 1: Fire
Mocean Worker Salted Fatback feat. Bill Frisell Enter the Mowo!
Black Star Liner Inverse Far Away in Time 2
thevinylgibbon Dusk Trumpet fourwords
dZihan & Kamien Slowhand Hussein Freaks & Icons
Alif Tree Belle French Cuisine
Alif Tree Enough French Cuisine
Alif Tree I Feel Blue French Cuisine
James Bong Mr. Kiss Kiss Bong Bong (Big Brothers Dubbing You) Frosty
The Thirteenth Sign Take Me to a Distant Bass Frosty
Cinemascape Boulevard (Parisian Mix) Future Chill (Disc Two)
Claud Rivers Dodge The Devil Get Up! Let's Dance
Bang Bang Bye Bye Blues Hi:Fidelity Lounge Volume One: Subterranean Soundtracks
Bobby Hughes Seasons Hi:Fidelity Lounge Volume One: Subterranean Soundtracks
Troublemakers Fatigue Universelle Hi-Fidelity Lounge, Vol. 3
Bob Holroyd Butterfly Hollow Man
Bob Holroyd Hollow Man Hollow Man
Frank Borell Journey To Eternity Ibiza Chill Session 2005
Mahoroba Futureworld Ibiza Chill Session 2005
Martine Girault Theres Nothing Like This IF. 2007
Soulstice Fall Into You Illusion
Alexkid Arbore (part1) Impala Lounge CD 2 Electro Tunes
Frederic Galliano Presents Abdulaye Diabate Foronto (LiorcaRemix) Impala Lounge CD 2 Electro Tunes
Ivory Club Theme From Dandaka Impala Lounge CD 2 Electro Tunes
JON-PAUL Shower Me Innerstandings
Zaki Ibrahim Grow Iqra in Orange (EP)
Future Loop Foundation What's Your Name? (Fila Brazillia remix) Jazz Lounge 2 (2 of 2)
Kenny Wellington A Cat Walked In Kind of Black
Kenny Wellington Soulfinger Kind of Black
Sade Somebody Already Broke My Heart Lovers Rock
A Forest Mighty Black Duo Trippin' Mellowdramatic
A Forest Mighty Black Minigame Mellowdramatic
Billy Paul Williams Miles To Go Miles To Go
Modus Collective Blue Modus Volume 1
Easydelics Bermimbau De Osahna Mundial Muzique v2
Louise Vertigo Blue Lagoon (Moca Nova Instrumental) Mundial Muzique v2
Mr. Electric Triangle Bosha Nova Mushroom Jazz
Sounds From the Ground Wishing Tree Natural Selection
Luis Junior Simetrico Neibum
Nuspirit Helsinki feat Mercury Trying (Butti Nu-Niveau Remix) Nordic Exposure
Ohn 8 Bars of Soul (no album)
Ohn Attention (no album)
Jaywalkers Sutro Heights Om Lounge 4
King Kooba Fooling Myself (Easy Access Orchestra Mix) Om Lounge 4
dZihan & Kamien 2 Minutes Om Lounge 6
P'Taah The Oldest Story Om Lounge 8
Jeff Bennett's Lounge Experience Dreams Om Lounge 9
Jianda and Patchen Wish Om Lounge 10
Michelle Shaparow Anything You Say (Original Mix) Om Lounge 10
Moqita No More Sand in My Lipbalm Om Lounge 10
Chuck Love Soul Symphony Om:10 - A Decade of Future Music Disc 1
King Kooba Kin Kit Ut Suri Om:10 - A Decade of Future Music Disc 1
Jake Childs Forgotten Om:10 - A Decade of Future Music Disc 2
King Kooba Static Society Om:10 - A Decade of Future Music Disc 2
Mooli One Design One Design EP
Mooli Save You One Design EP
Orchestrated Kaos Tao Orchestrated Kaos
Palyrria Chillum Reggae Palyrria
Torso Sky Train Percolatin' with Lucifer
Wondabraa Lately (Parachute) pLUSH
Bliss Dunia Quiet Letters (US Edition)
Maximilian Lopp Close To The Bridge Rejection
The Grid Rollercoaster Remotion: The Global Communication Remix Album
Warp 69 Natural High Remotion: The Global Communication Remix Album
Astro Mezz Bar Blue Rendezvous Lounge
4th Ave Rockers Featuring Ruffscott And Rob Symeonn Move Along Roots Combination
Sekoya Fly High Sekoya
Charles Afton Mystery At Napur Silk Road Cafe
Charles Afton Pashwani 20 Silk Road Cafe
Soma Sonic Lovestory Simplicity (CD1)
Soma Sonic Simplicity Simplicity (CD1)
Soma Sonic The Well (remix) Simplicity (CD1)
Soma Sonic Could It Be Real (original) Simplicity (CD2)
Soma Sonic Everything Simplicity (CD2)
Bluprint Sleeping Giant Sleeping Giant
Dao Here And Now Soham
Dao Salaam Soham
Dao Soham Soham
The Winston Giles Orchestra Welcome To The Hotel Soundtracks for Sunrise
Watershell We Sunset Magnetic North
Motel168 Clever Life Tall Stories Big Lives
Moca Rappelkiste Tempomat
DJ I.N.C. Late Night Drive Tha Afterset: Select Music Programming
Union Jack Toucan The Art of Chill 2
Soul Basement Friends and Family The Awakening Of The Heart
Thievery Corporation Amerimacka Feat Notch The Cosmic Game
Sleepthief Entre Ciel et Mer (ft. san.drine) The Dawnseeker
Sleepthief You Did a Good Thing (ft. Nicola Hitchcock) The Dawnseeker
9 Lazy 9 5:00 AM The Herb
Count Basic Gotta Jazz - Richard Dorfmeister Mix The K&D Sessions (CD1)
Bone Thugs 'N Harmony 1st Of Tha Month - K&D Session The K&D Sessions (CD2)
Thievery Corporation Liberation Front The Richest Man In Babylon
Janet Jackson Got 'Til It's Gone - (featuring Q-Tip/Joni Mitchell) The Velvet Rope
TJ Rehmi Aja (ode to sunshine) The Warm Chill
Pronoia Janine Thievery Corporation.DJ-Kicks
Velvetron Holding Pattern Things to Don't
The Dining Rooms Speak Into the Microphone Ultimate Lounge (1 of 2)
Oversoul 7 featuring former members of Supreme Beings of Leisure Cholita Ultimate Lounge (2 of 2)
Ultrablue Destiny (Featuring Gabriela Anders) Ultrablue - LP
Emotive Blue Insomnia unreleased - A Jazzy Lounge Exclusive
Marcus Williams I Thought U Knew Unspoken Words
The Other Room Now We Are Free (Gladiator) Urban Woman .01
Mike Di Lorenzo Urbanized Urbanized
Fluff feat. Tine B Late Night Sessions Vintage Chill Volume 3. Autumn
King Kooba A Man Like Andre Vintage Chill Volume 3. Autumn
Micatone To The Sound Vintage Chill Volume 3. Autumn
Sergio in Alcapulco Beat 16 Visits an Island
Sergio in Alcapulco Island Visits an Island
Sergio in Alcapulco The Jazz Club Visits an Island
Torcuato Mariano Ocean Way Wnua 95.5 - Smooth Jazz Sampler 17 (Disc 2)
Antaeus Olympic Anthem Zero4
Antaeus Motherese Zero4
Antaeus Victory (Byzantine Mix) Zero4
October 23, 2006 October 9, 2006

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