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(continued from...)There's no charge to you for reviewing your music and your only true cost would be the price of postage and a shipping container. You can minimize costs by sending your product via email using one of many large file delivery services. Some are free but are very ad-driven sites. Others have a minimal monthly charge, but if you've sent requests to two-hundred stations and disk jockeys that $9.99 monthly charge looks far less expensive than $500.00 or more you would have spent trying to reach the same prospects.

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Submitting Music to Jazzy Lounge

Musicians, Bands, Producers, Record Labels

To promote your music on Jazzy Lounge radio send an email to:
At the moment, sending an email or a letter requesting permission to submit your music isn't necessary. Just follow the guidelines mentioned below. We give airplay to new and independent artists every week.
Please listen to the station first. Make sure your music fits our format.
Guidelines When Submitting Music to Jazzy Lounge

Following this simple rule will get your product reviewed quickly. Otherwise it will either be delayed or not reviewed.

Pop a CD or mp3 you purchased into a music player (iTunes, Windows Media, Real Player, etc.). They all show the name of the artist, track and album. Make sure your music is professionally tagged as well before submitting.

All mp3s must be 320kbps.

Submit your music using a music delivery service (such as to one of two mail boxes:

  • s u b m i s s i o n s @ j a z z y l o u n g e . c o m
  • d j . j a z z y l @ g m a i l . c o m

Do not send files directly to the above mail boxes. Use a music delivery service only.

Genres promoted include:
Nu Jazz, Lounge, Downtempo, House, Chillout, World, Acid Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Electronica.
After we receive your submission, we will also attempt to send you an email and advise you if your music has been accepted.
The best way to know if your music has been accepted is to check this website's playlist each week, tune in to the radio program or check the Jazzy Lounge blog or bulletins on Myspace.

Special Message to Record Labels, Producers, Artists and Promotion Companies

Postal Service

Email request for 'ship to' address when mailing a CD to Jazzy Lounge.

General Inquiries

g e n e r a l i n f o @ j a z z y l o u n g e . c o m

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