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Jazzy Lounge, an internet radio station hosted on Live365.com, has been in operation since December 13, 2003. Please add us to your promo list.

Currently product you desire for future airplay and promotion can be sent two ways:

Send an request for the new 'ship to' address to the email listed below.


j a z z y l o u n g e r a d i o @ g m a i l . c o m (please use yousendit.com if sending entire CD via email)

MP3s must be 320kbps with ID3 tags complete. (Very important. Files not meeting these minimum requirements will delay the review process.)

(Your support is greatly desired if your track is aired. Please point them to Jazzy Lounge radio!)

"Well, Jazzy Lounge, what makes your station unique that it'll benefit my label and artists?" When a promo is received, every track is listened to in it's entirety- not 15-30 second intro; not 10-20 second beginning-middle-end reviews. The entire track. Every track. "How do you find time for it?" I make it. Your track will get airplay providing it's high quality and fits Jazzy Lounge's unique format. Our success is dependent on each other. The listeners get a unique sound and become potential purchasers and Jazzy Lounge gets increased listening hours. Both of us get increased exposure.

The station can be categorized as an "electronica freeform station" with over 80,000 total listening hours per year. Sixty percent of the listeners are from the U.S. while the balance of the hours are filled in from the rest of the globe. Although the majority of the playlist consists of tracks from the following genres: Chill Out, Nu Jazz, Lounge, House, Neosoul, Down Tempo, Dub, World, Electronica, periodically I'll add R&B, Smooth Jazz and Rock. The tracks must match the style and atmosphere of Jazzy Lounge radio to provide a balanced musical experience. You can view playlist info here and listen to the station here to get an idea of the actual format. Since your catalog matches Jazzy's format, please send a promo for review.

Eighteen hour rotated/shuffled playlist (200-230 tracks), streaming digital music 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Our VIP (subscription) audience gets commercial-free listening (only station identifiers and PSAs may interrupt their listening experience- or an infrequent internet disrupt).

Deep Album Cuts
Jazzy Lounge believes in deep album cuts, not just the "best track" on the album. I've had some artists and compilations where I've played every track listed on the album.

Weekly Updates
Bi-weekly updates are posted of the tracks in rotation as well as a weekly top twenty-five (25) chart based on popularity with the audience. When time permits, I advise labels and/or artists the week tracks are entered into rotation and their place in the charts if applicable. By subscribing to the weekly newsletter, a quick glance at the "new adds" will let you know when your tracks are added to Jazzy Lounge's rotation.

Reciprocal links and mutual promotion...
can make an effective marketing program. I will begin using your promotional material on my web site including some videos (at my discretion) in the near future. I can supply links and banners for you to link to also.

Giving you the ultimate in independent artists and their music: Downtempo and midtempo Chillout, Electronica, Nujazz and more!
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