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No. 1 Gushi & Raffunk "Sound Of You (Deep Session by Riccicomoto)" Deep House Dreams 6

Sensual, dreamy chillhouse track with shadowy vocals and haunting synths.
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Gushi & Raffunk's "Sound Of You (Deep Session by Riccicomoto) [edit]" from Deep House Dreams 6 is has maintained the No. 1 chart position on Jazzy Lounge's Top 25 three weeks in a row as of today. If you include the prior number one positions on our charts- 3 times in May; once in April- it totals seven appearances. Congratulations, Gushi & Raffunk!

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Current June 30, 2013

As of Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jazzy Lounge's Top Twenty Five

Rank Artist Track Album
1 Gushi & Raffunk Sound Of You (Deep Session by Riccicomoto) [edit] Deep House Dreams 6
2 Frenic The Tumen Horsemen Mongolia (EP)
3 Man In A Room Night Mail (feat. Civilian) Alchemist's Apprentice
4 Ray Sam feat. Lauren Morgan Ready For You (Original Mix) Ready For You EP
5 Five Seasons Okinawa Tokyo Chillout Vol.2
6 Malika Madremana The Race The Race
7 Jens Buchert Smooth Dpt. (Brazil Mix) Ice Lounge
8 Kenny "Dope" Presents DBX And There Ain't (Troopa's Deep Mix) (edit) The Muggsy Story
9 SoulAvenue Stuck In A Dream Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 6
10 Soulstice Not Alone Illusion
11 Mick Verma Watever (Original Mix) Something For Nothing EP
12 Sambox Love Complicated Love Feelings
13 MSK.fm Keep Walking MadeInSF EP
14 12 Tones Indian Soul Techno Lounge 2
15 Monodeluxe Get Around With It Exotic Lounge Vol 1: The Bria Project
16 Gregory Porter 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub) The Djoon Experience compiled & mixed by Black Coffee and Joe Claussell
17 Armeria Wanting single
18 Ron Trent Cross Roads feat.Tkumah Sadeek The Djoon Experience compiled & mixed by Black Coffee and Joe Claussell
19 Alexandra Hampton Mirage (feat. Ahbee) Future Jazz Cafe Vol.4
20 Monodeluxe Foreplay Afternoon Cocktail
21 DJ Nob Tee Movin Future Jazz Cafe Vol.4
22 Placid Larry Here 12
23 My Neighbour Is Kickin' Ass Fish & Chips
24 My Neighbour Is Dubz & Hornz Metaphysical Juicer
25 Kalabi 47 Burning Violins Kalabi

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